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Going to be a part of the CCS Study at CCRM and I'm 43 + new protocol: Long Lupron

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This will be my 7th attempt at Baby #2 and second time with CCRM. We had the direct CCS done during our last cycle in March, 2011 and none of our embies came back normal - 3 were tested with multiple errors.

Now, we are trying one more (last) time with CCRM and Dr. Schoolcraft and I'm hoping others will respond to this post with their CCS Study stories - fortunate or unfortunate. Good news is great and I'm hoping there is some of that, but I am a realist, too, and know we are going for a long shot at this stage. So, it's important to hear all of the stories.

Dr. Schoolcraft has also switched my protocol to a long Lupron one from the Ganirelix one. I have a regroup with him tomorrow to ask him why considering I had 14 eggs retrieved and 6 fertilized normally up to day 4 when 1/2 fell off.

Anyone with positive experience with the long Lupron protocol? The Antagonist (I think that's what the Ganirelix protocol is called) protocol resulted in my adorable 2 1/2 year old when I was 40 ... but, no 2nd baby yet ... so I guess, Dr. Schoolcraft is going for a change!

Ay yay yay. All of this analysis paralysis. Well, please share stories of CCS and also long Lupron use.