• What is Infertility? A Few Nontraditional Definitions

      As the medical editor of IVFConnections.com, I am often asked to define infertility: What is infertility? What makes someone infertile? How would you describe infertility? The definition tends to vary a bit depending on the audience, but the plain, clinical, Wikipedia-style definition of infertility is pretty straightforward:

      Infertility is fundamentally the inability to conceive a baby.
      Infertility also refers to the state of a woman who is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term.

      However, for those of us in the trenches who are dealing with infertility every minute of every day, infertility means a whole lot more than this. There are over a zillion (yes, a zillion) different definitions that apply to infertility which vary depending on where you are on the infertility path, what cycle day it is, whether you're in the two week wait or even the color of the sky at this particular moment.

      Without further ado, I give you a tiny list of some very fitting definitions of infertility.

      Infertility is ...

      • a bitch
      • a challenge
      • a turning point
      • a stumbling block
      • an eye-opener
      • no one's fault
      • a swirling vortex of confusion and angst
      • an opportunity
      • a hindrance
      • a kick in the teeth
      • a roadblock
      • something that happens to 1 in 7 of us
      • a dead end
      • a new beginning
      • a uniting force
      • a dividing wedge
      • more common than most people think
      • loss
      • a bump in the road
      • a devastating diagnosis
      • nothing to be ashamed of
      • something you can handle
      • the worst word in the world
      • a call to action
      • an enemy to obliterate
      • a club to which you'd really rather not belong
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